ITEM: Standard Operating Procedure for purchase different COVID-19 vaccines from licensed producer and related programs REV.04_2021

Dear Sirs,
we thank you for your interest in the activities and special projects of eXor, worldwide leader in healthcare special projects. Here we are going to summarize the SOP of the proposed deals and their deatils:
this SOP presents the phases of the deal relating to the purchase of COVID19 vaccines from an official licensed manufacturer and eventually the related services/accessories;
this SOP is intended to clarify the procedures for developing an ICPO on a complete set of services/products without any doubt
constant research for the best product/solution in the best market:

  1. AstraZeneca AZD1222
  2. Johnson & Johnson
  3. Moderna
  4. Pfizer Comirnaty
  5. Sputnik V
  6. Sinopharm

eXor can now supply vaccines from the following licensed manufacturers, due to our continue and
Europe, 30th March 2021

COVID-19 vaccines:

  1. Buyer provides Letter of Intent (refer draft below) either from the Ministry of Health of the relevant Government or from authorised pharmaceutical company along with a letter of authorisation from the Government to the pharmaceutical company .
  2. Buyer submits Purchase Order together with and provides Proof of Funds (Bank Comfort Letter or Government Declaration of funds availability)
  3. Buyer receives diligence package from vaccine manufacturer including provenance, lot number, and expiration dates, along with Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA).
  4. Buyer provides KYC pack comprising passport and proof of address of the Buyer’s authorized signatory, who will be completing SPA and Escrow Agreement.
  5. Upon completion of diligence, Buyer executes and returns SPA and Escrow Agreement and loads 100% of the purchase price into the eXor /
    Manufacturer at The Law Debenture Escrow Account, at HSBC Bank, London, United Kingdom, each of the 3 parties is a joint signature of the escrow
  6.  Vaccine manufacturer delivers the product, CIF to the Buyer; payment is made from the Escrow Account upon shipment/delivery.
    Prices are subject to quantity, please refer to the attached price list below.

Deliveries can commence in 5 weeks from receipt of funds in the escrow account at HSBC Bank, London. Each delivery will be confirmed on a case by case basis at the time the funds are received into Escrow.
Special Note Sinopharm:- Available only for Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America.
Please note, Sinopharm price below is indicative only and is subject to a final quotation upon receipt of a LOI from the Ministry of Health of the respective country and the issuance of an export license by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.

Brand Price 1m-10m (per dose) Price per 11m-20m (per dose)
AstraZeneca € 14,00 € 13,50
Jhonson & Jhonson € 19,50 € 19,00
Moderna € 25,90 € 25,10
Pfizer € 23,75 € 22,75
Sputnik V € 15,00 € 14,65
Sinopharm € 14,20 € 13,80

Please contact us, for our standard form of LOI, when you have finalized the quantity to be ordered and selected of the manufacturer of the vaccine. Due to COVID 19 Pandemic, all information on this sheet can change without any pre advice.

All signed SPA are valid for 48h. After that time everything will be cancelled. We thank you in advance for your interest and remain with

Best Regards