Franchise Businesses Funding

Franchises are an excellent option for those looking for a safe way to get a business up and running. Though you need to have some additional capital for franchises, it is definitely more reliable. Franchise loans can be provided by commercial banks or directly from franchises. In addition, there are multiple online loan providers with more flexible financing options for applicants. Can you review

Franchise financing is essentially opening a local store in the name of an existing franchise. A typical example would be if you were to open a McDonalds or Starbucks. You use all of their standardized equipment and make their food/coffee the way it is made the world over. This takes away a lot of the mental strain, because you are following an existing format. And the format is one that is proven to work with extensive research completed.

There are financial options available specifically to those looking to buy a franchise. This is known as ‘Franchise Financing’. It is impossible to answer definitively how you can afford one, as the startup costs can vary from $10,000 to $1,000,000. As a rule of thumb, lenders want you to pay 25% of the Franchise Cost, and they will loan you the rest. So if you had $50,000, you could consider opening a franchise that would cost $250,000.

  1. In-House Franchisor Financing

Major franchises can provide finances directly to applicants. For instance, UPS provides a franchise financing system for people looking to open stores. This program is conducted in conjunction with Guidant Financial. Financing through a franchisor can often eliminate much of the hassle of obtaining finance. You are dealing with one institution instead of a third-party (i.e the bank or alternative lender). In addition, the franchisor will be an expert in knowing how much funding you need and what everything costs. Rates vary depending on industry and franchise.

  1. Commercial Bank Franchising

This is one of the more traditional routes to franchise financing. After the 2008 financial crisis, it became quite difficult to obtain loans from commercial banks without supplying large amounts of documentation. If you want to obtain franchise financing from a commercial bank, then make sure that you have a good FICO score, strong collateral (about $75,000 and above), and a solid business plan. As a very general rule of thumb, the higher your credit score, the lower the rates. However, expect to wait for this loan to be approved.

  1. SBA Franchising Loans

The SBA has a directory of all franchises that are eligible for financing. If your franchise is on the list, then your application may qualify. Note that you still have to go to a commercial bank or lending institution to get this loan – it is simply a loan that is guaranteed by the SBA, which encourages lending to new business owners. The SBA has some basic guidelines that must be met for these loans. These include that you are based in the USA, are a for-profit business, and are qualified as a ‘small business’ under the official requirements. In addition, you will have to put up collateral and sign a personal guarantee in most instances – this is a requirement for nearly all franchise loans.

  1. Franchising for Minorities

There are also a wide variety of franchise options available to minorities. These minorities typically include African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanics. It may also include women, medically challenged individuals, and veterans. The SBA gives top priority to minority franchise loans. The International Franchise Association runs a Veteran program to assist veterans in getting franchise loans.

Best Business Loans for Franchises

Online providers can also offer a variety of options that are similar to franchise financing. They do not offer franchise financing loans specifically, but new franchises can simply apply for a loan for business purposes. Application and funding is quick, and the requirements are quite low.

Kabbage offers business lines of credit with a linked business credit card. The requirements are a year in business, $50,000 in annual revenue, and a minimum credit score of 560. Kabbage is known for its sleek and intuitive interface, making it easy to see what is owed and spent on a monthly time horizon.Visit Kabbage

LoanBuilder is a PayPal invention designed to facilitate a variety of business loans. It is now a serious rival to existing online lenders with ultra-low requirements of $42,000 annual revenue, 550 minimum credit score, and 9 months in business. These requirements are deliberately less than the minimums offered by other online providers, such as Kabbage. A personal guarantee is required with this loan.Visit LoanBuilder

OnDeck are one of the most well known online lenders. They provide term loans and business lines of credit. Applicants need $100,000 in annual revenue and a credit score above 600 to qualify. They are more suitable for small businesses that are already up and running.Visit OnDeck

Lending Club are a massive peer-to-peer lending marketplace connecting borrowers with lenders. They provide a large range of term loans up to $500,000 and have facilitated over $28 Billion through the platform. Applicants need a credit rating of 600 to qualify.Visit Lending Club

Fundbox is one of the easiest online providers to qualify for, offering business lines of credit and invoice financing. The minimum requirements include $50,000 in annual revenue and that the applicant is located in the USA with 3 months of activity in a business checking account. There are no minimum credit requirements.


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