We Gulf US Capital & Global Trade Group operate in 52 countries and territories in the Middle East, GCC countries, Europe, South America, Latin America, and Asia & Pacific, Russia,Chine countries. We are doing foreign trade with our Partner Groups and partner with manufacturers, wholesale, distributors and retail chains across all major channels.Our group and investors have relationships and credit lines with over.50 banks and financial institutions globally.

Foraign trade

We are doing foreign trade with our Partner Groups for  Branded food and beverage and Cleaning  materials, Medical Products-Pharma Medicines, Halal Meat- Chicken-Organic-Natural Vegetable and Fruit  categories for Hiper-Super Markets , Energy, Oil & Gas & Petrochemical  products,  Metal, Iron Ore Fınes, Coal, Agricultural, Construction-Building materials, Health-therapy-Massage Chairs-Pillow etc.., Raw Cotton,  Textile products,  Diamond- jewellery and gold,..etc, purchase and sale operations.


We have multiple Medical products to export to the world. We have several partners top SOE and Private companies, factories and distributors of Medical equipment and Medical (Surgical Gowns-Masks-Gloves-Thermometers-COV Kits ….etc.) products and MedicinesOur Medical Products ready to be exported Overseas. Direct from qualified  factories having supplier-sales-export authorization and certificates. 


  • The US Branded food and beverage and cleaning materials
  • Health-Energy-Vitamin supplement-bars
  • Halal Meat- Chicken-Milk products
  • Organic-Natural Vegetable and Fruit categories
  • Health-therapy-Massage Chairs-Pillow etc
  • Textile Product

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GLOBAL Trade Products Categories for wholesale

  • Sunflower-Corn-Palm-Canola-Olive Oils
  • Construction-Building materials
  • Health-therapy-Massage Chairs-Pillow etc
  • Textile products
  • Diamond- jewelry and gold. Et
  • Energy, Oil & Gas & Petrochemical products
  • Urea Granule, Sulphur etc.
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    Metal, Iron Ore Mines, Coal
  • Agricultural products, Raw Cotton,

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