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42.4 million household live in a rented house/apartment in US. There is a housing potential for about 55 million people. New housing projects in the United States have had the highest level of the last 8 years in 2020. According to the Fitch Ratings statement, 4.5 percent rise is expected in housing prices in the US this year.

Real estate investments in the US can pay off for itself in 8-10 years leaving aside all taxes. Lease management costs of the estate are also included. It takes 20-25 years in other countries.

The safest country in the world to purchase real estate is USA. Assurance comes from the system of property law and the government. The system has obstructed the slightest misconduct there may be.

For real estate investment in the United States, first of all, purchasing 1st class real estate remaining in the hands of the banks and agents we have provided connection with, at a discount of 20-40% on the cost of the bank guarantee.

Since the current value of these properties show at least 20-40% increase, there will be 40-80% profitability.

When repairs and decoration will be done on the estates that will be purchased by the amount of 5-10% of the property value, their value will increase by 30%. In this case approximately 100% profitability is possible.

By renting these estates, which will be purchased and decorated, for 3 years, there will be the possibility of both rental income and in the 4th year with these estates’ increase in value by 40%, the profitability of up to 100% >.

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HOUSING-REPAIR-SALES PROJECT- Installation of Wholesale Cash-and-Carry Spot Centers for Building, Kitchen and Bathroom Materials- Halal Food Market- Auto Financing 

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